My name is Shiloh and I’m so happy you’re here! 

Photography is certainly not a new friend of mine. It has been in my life since 2013. My driving force is time. It’s at the center of everything. Those irreplaceable details and moments that make life wonderful become blurred as time speeds by—something I never truly thought about until I had my son in 2016.

When my daughter became a little older, I finally warmed up to the idea of jumping into the wedding industry. Best. Decision. Ever. Being a part of the wedding industry feels right with my soul. 

Don’t be surprised if you see me walking around with 2 digital cameras, a vintage pink polaroid camera, and a film camera (or two). It’s part of my signature. While I take my job seriously, I always strive to be sure my clients feel comfortable. It is the upmost importance as a businesswoman to provide an excellent service so my clients can soak in their day happily together.

I would love to talk with you! Always down for a zoom chat or a coffee/tea chat. Reach out below!